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Registration No.: 17855204

Activity code: 8411, public administration authority activity 

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The purview of the Ministry of Justice is determined under Article 9 of the Law on Ministries, and includes public administration activities regarding the following:

-          criminal, economic offence and misdemeanour legislation;

-           preparation of laws regulating property ownership and other rights in rem; contractual relations; inheritance;

-           proceedings before courts; administrative disputes;

-          organisation and activities of judicial authorities; Bar examinations; professional specialisation of judicial office holders and public notaries; expert witnesses, court interpreters and translators;

-          enforcement of criminal sanctions; rehabilitation, amnesty and pardon;

-           extradition; data collection on crimes against humanity and other entities protected by international law; passing decisions on extradition of defendants to the International Criminal Court, based on final and enforceable court decisions; implementation of the witness protection programmes in criminal proceedings;

-           law practice and other judicial professions;  free legal aid;

-           the court guards; statistics and analysis of the performance of judicial authorities;

-           international legal assistance;

-           management of seized assets derived from criminal activity;

-           preparation of regulations on proceedings before the Constitutional Court and legal effects of the Constitutional Court decisions;

-           preparation of regulations in the field of fight against corruption; aligning international cooperation in the field of fight against corruption;

-           preparation of regulations on churches and religious communities; Register of Churches and Religious Communities;

-          drafting regulations on personal data protection and data confidentiality; monitoring the implementation of regulations on data confidentiality;

-              creating conditions for access and realisation of projects within the purview of the Ministry, financed by pre-accession funds of the European Union, donations and other forms of development assistance; and performing other tasks determined by law.