One of the basic goals of the introduction of the private bailiffs system is to relief the courts and the judges, which contributes directly to increased efficiency of the judiciary system, said Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selaković today at the oath ceremony for 23 new private bailiffs appointed at the Judiciary Academy.

“Legality of the work in an imperative, because the public must not perceive private bailiffs as ‘debt collectors’, but rather as government representatives who act in the interest of an aggrieved party. The basic goal of the bailiffs is to directly contribute to the efficiency of justice”, Selaković pointed out.

He stated that the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration is going to supervise the work of private bailiffs, as well as that they must be prepared to take responsibility in case they do not work in accordance with the legal system and its foundations.

Minister Selaković welcomed the efforts of the Chamber of Bailiffs, which encourages further development and affirmation of the bailiff system in Serbia. “The introduction of this profession speeds the pace of the execution of the court decisions and other decisions on execution based on authentic documents and causes the reduction of the number of court cases”, said the Minister of Justice and Public Administration.

“Next year, with the introduction of public notaries, the courts will be even more relieved of the burden, so that they will be left with their core business, which is legal proceedings”, said the minister.

At the end, Selaković pointed to the fact that, in their course of work, bailiffs encounter numerous problems on daily basis. “This year, Ministry of Justice and Public Administration will be working on the design of the draft on The Law on Judicial Police, which shall govern the question of the necessary assistance and protection for the bailiffs in various circumstances”, said Minister Selaković.