Transparency in the work of the Ministry

The activities of the Ministry are public.

The Ministry informs the public about its work through public information services (announcements, press conferences, interviews) and other appropriate forms (online presentations, newsletters, brochures, etc.); the personnel authorized to prepare information and data so as to inform  the public is also responsible for their accuracy and timeliness.

Parties and citizens are informed on their rights, obligations, and on the manners to exercise their rights and obligations within the premises of the Ministry and via telephone during working hours. Upon request of natural or legal persons, opinions on the application of legal regulations and other general acts are provided, as well as information regarding complaints about the work of the Ministry and misconduct of the personnel.

Opening hours of the Ministry are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. If organization or type of work should so require, the working week is organized differently.

The person authorized to act upon filed requests for free access to information is Milan Mraković, Advisor, 22-24 Nemanjina Street, C - Wing, 4th Floor, Office No. 17, Belgrade. Telephone: 011/361-24-58; email:

The person in charge of PR and outreach of the Ministry is Milica Vučković. C - Wing, 4th Floor, Office No. 18. Telephone: 011/36-20-497; email:  

Disabled persons, unless accompanied, may not access the premises of the Ministry at 22-24  Nemanjina Street, 6 Birčaninova Street, and 2 Mihajla Pupina Street.

Audio and video recording of the building and activities of the Ministry are permitted with prior notification.