Internal organization of the Ministry

The Ministry is comprised of the following organizational units:

1. Sector for the Judiciary;

2. Sector for European Integration and International Projects;

3. Sector for Normative Affairs and International Cooperation;

4. Sector for Public Administration;

5. Sector for Registers and Freedom of Association;

6. Sector for Material and Financial Affairs;

7. Sector for the Representation of the Republic of Serbia before the European Court of Human Rights

The Ministry includes the following special organizational units:

1. Secretariat of the Ministry

2. Office of the Minister

The Ministry comprises of the following organizational units, not included in the sectors or the Secretariat:

1. Group for Protection of Classified Information

2. Internal Audit Department

3. e-Administration Department

Certain activities within the purview of the Ministry are carried out by independent enforcement officers outside all organizational units.

The Ministry consists of the following administrative authorities:

The Administration for the Enforcement of Penal Sanctions, the Directorate for the Administration of Seized Assets, and the Administration Inspectorate.